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Artists: The view from the stage

Artists: The view from the stage

ROOM 2 | 17:00 - 18:00 | WEDNESDAY

Chair: Roxanne de Bastion, Featured Artists Coalition (UK)

While much is made of the fan experience, how well is the live music business taking care of its main client, the artist? And when it comes to the view from the stage, just how do artists view their promoter and agent partners, and the venue and festival spaces where their live careers are forged? The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) invites a panel of artists to discuss what the business is getting right and where there’s room for improvement. From struggling in underinvested grassroots music venues, to maintaining a career through live work, or topping bills around the world, how can the live industry better serve those on which it relies entirely? Are we as artist-centric as we’d like to believe? The FAC presents a unique set of viewpoints…

Guest speakers:
Femme, artist (UK)
Sam Lee, artist (UK)
Bryde, artist (UK