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The Manager’s Office: Conjuring careers

The Manager’s Office: Conjuring careers

 Room 3 | 15:30 – 16:30 | Wednesday

Chair: Fiona McGugan, MMF (UK)

With much of the music business still working in silos, artist managers have a unique and omniscient viewpoint. From this vantage point, how do managers see the process of talent development changing, and so live music’s place within it? Closer to home, is touring still delivering and what could the live music business do better; where are the gaps, and can concerts and festivals deliver more for their artists? A line up of leading artist managers share their thoughts, from the newest trends and emerging income streams they're most interested in, to how the sector might work better with artist/manager teams for mutual benefit. 

Guest speakers include: 
Paul Craig, Nostromo Management (UK)
John Dawkins, Various Artists Management (UK)
Kat Kennedy, Big Life Management (UK)
Matt Vines, Seven 7 Artist Management (UK)