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Country Music: Walking the line

Country Music: Walking the line

Room 3 | 17:00 – 18:00 | WEDNEsday

Chair:  Anna-Sophie Mertens, Live Nation (UK)

Following on from the first ILMC discussion about country music in 2018, this year’s session considers the on-going growth and success of this difficult-to-define genre. With attendance and active territories on the up, Anna Sophie-Mertens invites a line up of guest speakers from live, recording, radio and the Country Music Association to discuss what’s working and what’s next. On the eve of the UK’s largest country music festival, the session will focus on specific markets to look at cultural influences and growth, and how Nashville's sounds and ethos are influencing all genres in the business. 

Guest speakers include: 
Sean Goulding, UTA (UK)
Oliver Hoppe, Wizard Promotions (DE)
Baylen Leonard, BBC Radio 2 (UK)
Milly Olykan, Country Music Association (UK)