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The 'Raise Your Spirits' Opening Party

The 'Raise Your Spirits' Opening Party


Hubble bubble, toil and trouble…

Launching this year’s ILMC – undoubtedly the most magical edition ever – the ‘Raise Your Spirits’ Opening Party is where it all begins. The party reunites friends and colleagues, sorcerers and apprentices, from around the world and enough complimentary booze to give some delegates dizzy 'spells' for a week. And with the party running relatively early (18:00-21:00), there’s plenty of time to head out for the evening afterwards…

Hosted by a quartet of German legends – Semmel Concerts, Stagelink, Megaforce, and Noise Now – the party reunites ILMC members after 12 months of wizardry around the world. And with plenty of powerful potions and cackle-inducing cocktails on hand, what better way to raise the spirits as ILMC 31 kicks off…

Eyellusion Abracada-bar & Mezzanine
18:00 - 21:00 | Tuesday 5 March 2019
Hosts: Semmel Concerts | Stagelink | Megaforce | Noise Now