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The Agency Business 2019

The Agency Business 2019

Room 2 | 11:30 – 12:45 | Thursday

Chair: Dan "Steiny" Steinberg, Emporium Presents (US)

Who has the power in the business? Is it the multinational promoters? Or the worldwide booking agencies with offices in multiple markets? Or the boutique agencies with one or two superstar clients? As both the agency and promoter businesses continue to consolidate and grow aggressively, what position do agents have in the value chain, and how is this status evolving? And with many agencies now offering a wider range of services to their clients than ever, is it enough to focus purely on music, or are brand, corporate, literary and film departments now a must-have for joined-up career planning? 

Guest speakers include:
Brian Ahern, WME Entertainment (UK)
Clementine Bunel, Coda Agency (UK)
Josh Javor, X-ray Touring (UK)
Sharon Richardson, K2 Agency (UK)
Tom Windish, Paradigm Agency (US)