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Think Tank: The immigrants

Think Tank: The immigrants

Room 3 | 15:30 – 16:30 | Thursday

Host: Gordon Masson, IQ (UK)

immigrants: Maria O’Connor, Ticketmaster Australia;
Nick Hobbs, Charmenko
& Adam Parsons, ARTIST MANAGER

With the Brexit deadline looming, ILMC gathers three ‘immigrants’ to share some memories of their time in exile. Think Tank attendees will have the opportunity to ask our industry veterans about their experiences, or can use Gordon’s randomly generated questions to quiz the Think Tank guests, who this year are: Irish-born Maria O’Connor who heads up Ticketmaster Australia; Nick Hobbs of Charmenko who grew up in Wales, but has lived and worked in Italy, Sweden and Turkey: and artist manager Adam Parsons, an Englishman who these days calls California home.