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Security: The new threats

Security: The new threats

Room 3 | 14:00 – 15:00 | Thursday

Chair:  Coralie Berael, Forest National Arena (BE)

Alongside the existing threats to live shows, three new areas of concern are coming sharply into focus. Recent high profile data leaks and cyber attacks have shown that digital security is now a key factor, while the rise in drone incidents are seeing many ask how best to prepare and deal with air-based attacks. Additionally, insider threats are particularly difficult to counter for an industry that employs huge numbers of temporary staff across its events and venues. Coralie Berael invites a panel of sector experts to discuss the best way forward. 

Guest speakers include:
Pete Dalton, Thames Valley Police (UK)
Richard Hughes, Drone Seeker (UK)
Steve Kemsley, atmaana (UK)
Mark Laidlaw, SEC (UK)