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Diversity: Breaking the spell

Diversity: Breaking the spell

 Room 2 | 15:30 – 16:30 | thursday

chAIR: Vanessa Reed, PRS Foundation (UK)

The live entertainment sector has begun to address the industry’s gender and pay imbalances in recent years. The remaining elephant in the room is how to enable more women to rise to the top and how to pro-actively create a genuinely diverse workforce, considering intersectional challenges and barriers that exist for everyone who’s currently under-represented in our business. This ILMC panel is led by Keychange founder Vanessa Reed with input from artists and industry pro's who each have very different perspectives and practical tips to share.

Guest speakers include:
Jamie Ahye, Pride in Music (UK)
Tilly Scantlebury, Artist (UK)
Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 1 (UK)
Natalie Williams, UK Music (UK)