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Beyond touring: Full-stack futures

Beyond touring: Full-stack futures

Room 3 | 15:30 – 16:30 | Friday

Chair: Rhian Jones, Freelance Music Journalist (UK)

Live music revenues are at an all-time high but that hasn’t stopped artists and their ever-industrious teams from looking beyond traditional revenue streams to grow their share of the pie. Whether it’s major agencies offering full-service deals encompassing branding, TV, film, fashion and more, or artists and events striking deals for VR and live-streaming rights to their shows, what new income opportunities are emerging? And as the lines between roles and responsibilities continue to blur, is the industry moving towards a more holistic approach to maximise the value of its creators?

Guest speakers include:
Gary Cohen, ATC Live (UK)
Steven Hancock, MelodyVR (UK)
Chris Hassell, Ralph (UK)
Jules O’Riordan, Judge Jules (UK)