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Surviving the Business: Health & wellbeing in live

Surviving the Business: Health & wellbeing in live

Room 3 | 14:00 – 15:00 | Friday

Chair: Jana Watkins, Live Nation Entertainment (UK)

Life in the live music business can take its toll. Whether you’re a touring artist, crew, TM, promoter, manager or agent, all the late nights, time away from home, availability of alcohol and drugs and lack of routine can make maintaining physical and mental health a real challenge. Sex, drugs and rock n roll is all very well, but is music making us sick? A panel of experts advises on how to survive and thrive in the modern industry.

Guest speakers include:
Jenni Cochrane, AEI Group (UK)
Achal Dhillon, Killing Moon (UK)
Tristan Hunt, Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) (UK)
Fiona McGugan, Music Managers Forum (UK)