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Meet the New Bosses: Class of 2019

Meet the New Bosses: Class of 2019

Room 1 | 10:00 – 11:00 | Friday

Chair: Oliver Ward, United Talent Agency (UK)

Following a brief welcome by the ILMC team, the day’s first panel sees some of the industry’s fastest-rising young execs discuss their myriad routes to the top. The modern live music business is a complicated and increasingly corporate environment, so what skills do you need to succeed? Is it still possible in 2019 to build a music business from scratch or is being a part of a major operation the only option? Just how do our future industry leaders see the industry changing over time, and what obligations do the current leaders have to the generation coming through the ranks?

Guest speakers include:
Karma Bertelsen, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)
Mike Jones, The MJR Group (UK)
Mike Malak, Coda Agency/KID Talks (UK)
Aino-Maria Paasivirta, Fullsteam Agency (FI)