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Workshop: Digital marketing

Workshop: Digital marketing

Hosts: Ellie Parker, Live Nation (UK)
& Patrick Ross, Music Ally (UK)

Parker and Ross outlined some of the latest tools available to marketeers for acts at all stages of their careers. Parker noted that digital marketing is a science and highlighted the various stages that are needed to run an effective digital marketing campaign.

When it comes to strategy, the hosts talked about a number of services – free and paid for – that digital marketing teams can use to help in their work, detailing the likes of Hoot Suite, Toned In, Leaf Grow, Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics, and recommending the installation and use of Facebook’s new Cohorts and Funnels services that help identify who the fanbase is and tracks their user behaviour.

The duo used the example of Fyre Festival’s massively successful digital marketing campaign, despite the disaster of the actual event itself.

Ross advocated the analysis of Facebook engagement versus Facebook Likes. Citing the Blue Planet II Tour, he revealed that there was an audience of 20 million people in the UK alone who had engaged with the programme’s Facebook page.

He recommended the use of influencers in digital marketing, starting with the artists themselves as the best influencers but also identifying and engaging with the brand or act’s most influential fans to maintain authenticity. He noted that apps like Tribe can help identify influencers based on budgetary constraints.

Parker stated that if you are using social media, make it engaging and social to maximise its exposure and allure. The presenters also encouraged people to experiment and be creative in their campaigns.

Taking questions from the audience, they addressed issues including GDPR, moderating feedback, targeting those people who have interacted with you as a priority and identifying which platforms teens and twenty-somethings are switching to as new services launch, such as Tik Tok and Snapchat.