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Think Tank: The immigrants

Think Tank: The immigrants

Host: Gordon Masson, IQ (UK)

Maria O'Connor, Ticketmaster Australia
Nick Hobbs, Charmenko

Host Masson explained that with the 29 March deadline for Brexit fast approaching, the theme of this year’s Think Tank session centred around three immigrants – Irish born O’Connor who now leads Ticketmaster in Australia;  English artist manager Parsons, who call Los Angeles home; and Hobbs, who was brought up in Wales,but has been living and working in Istanbul for many years.

The trio told tales and anecdotes relating to a number of topics including which act they would like to go on holiday with, their desert island discs, what superpower they would like to have, first jobs in the business, ideal jobs outside of music, things they miss most about the country of their birth, and their three ideal dinner party guests.

Addressing industry questions, they handled perceived threats, the impact of technology on their day-to-day work, career regrets, the under-pricing of tickets, role models, business mistakes and the decisions that could have cost them everything.