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Workshop: Streaming

Workshop: Streaming

Host: Patrick Ross, Music Ally (UK)

Music Ally’s Patrick Ross discussed how to market to streaming consumers while dissecting how the live music business can tap into traffic and engagement around music streaming...

“One of the most important things is data,” said Ross, senior vice president of digital strategy at Music Ally, “and we have that now with streaming.” He explained that the session would focus on how this “massive amount of data” can help the live industry.

“Streaming lets you understand where your listeners are,” he said, indicating the artist-focused back-end platforms that streaming services including Spotify and Apple offer. The data allows artists and managers to spot demand in new markets and plan the most effective places to tour.

“Streaming lets you understand where your listeners are"

He then discussed the profile elements of various streaming platforms, explaining that “there is now space to showcase other things within the platforms, namely live events.”

He then explained how live-focused Spotify features now include integration with ticketing platforms, a concerts tab and the ‘Artist’s pick’ feature, which allows artists to showcase a particular song, playlist or tour date.

"Spotify is a network in itself,” said Ross, “and it’s free real estate.” The Music Ally exec went on to highlight the ease of creating playlists on the streaming service. Curating a festival playlist provides a free, simple way to promote the events through the music played there, “establishing a musical conversation with people in a place with lots of listeners.”

Finally he explained the power of advertising through YouTube, which has integrated with Ticketmaster in the United States, using viewers’ geolocations to pull up tickets for nearby shows.

“Behavioural targeting is some of the best out there,” he stated. "Through analysing the artist channels that viewers subscribe to, marketing can be targeted to serve customers with tour adverts for the artists they listen to."