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The Power Trio

The Power Trio

Host: James Drury, IQ/ILMC (UK)

Selina Emeny, live nation (Uk)
Zac Fox, kilimanjaro live (uk)
Rauha Kyyrö, fullsteam (FI) 

As it was International Women’s Day, it was fitting that a trio of women at the top of their games was ready to answer questions from a packed room.

Live Nation’s EVP business affairs Selina Emeny; the operational lead for Kilimanjaro Live, Zac Fox; and the founder and president of Finland’s leading promoter, Fullsteam’s Rauha Kyyrö fielded a mix of enquiries from the audience, first of which was how to encourage more women to be in the live music industry.

All three agreed that more needs to be done to enable people to have better work/life balance, so childcare didn’t become an issue. Kyyrö said many talented young people are going into other sectors such as technology and media, rather than live music, because they’re put off by the anti-social hours.

Other topics raised included what kept the panellists awake at night – to which Emeny replied she was increasingly learning to understand what she could change and what she couldn’t, and if she couldn’t change it she had to stop worrying about it.

Fox said one of her proudest moments was Metallica’s performance at Sonisphere, where they played Ride the Lightning. Having been a fan of the band as a teenager, she said she had never seen them play it live before, so it was a very special moment for her.

Kyyrö said she had seen both sides of male privilege – having previously been a part of the ‘boys club,’ she felt she was no longer welcome. But she said it didn’t bother her because her company is the biggest promoter in Finland. However, she said she wished there was less aggressive competition.

Asked whether – in the light of the scandal that engulfed the recent Ryan Adams tour – morality clauses should be added to contracts, Emeny said such a clause would probably be unworkable. Kyyrö felt there was no need to add them to contracts.