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ILMC 30 Poker Tourney

One of the highlights of Wednesday night at ILMC is the Texas Probe 'em Poker Tourney, which sees hustlers and gamblers from across the live music universe battle it out, while raising money for this year’s Nikos Fund charity, Music Support.

It’s not hard to find a decent card game on Earth, but few assemble such a cast of stellar characters OR raise money for such a worthy cause. And with a series of bar tab prizes up for grabs, the stakes are always high.

The poker tourney is hosted by our amigos at Emporium Presents, and this year takes place in a larger space and features roulette and more.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a seat, or if you really like a gamble, swing by on Wednesday night and enquire about any last-minute places before the event commences.

ILMC 30's Final Countdown Dinner

If you’re stuck for something to do before getting beamed back to your own galaxy on the last night of ILMC, then join us for the very last event of the conference…. It’s...

...do do do dooo do do do do doooo…

As a launch pad to the weekend, The Final Countdown Dinner will see us head to Dirty Bones in Kensington. With a three-course menu ranging from flat-iron steak and slow ‘n’ low ribs, to mac and cheese, and other unidentified frying objects, it promises to be a last supper cooked to perfection.

Tickets for the dinner cost £60 in advance, and include a welcome drink, coffee, and some other top-secret elements. Click here to book your place.

Last call to be listed

This Friday is the deadline for ILMC delegates to have their details listed in the Globetrotters Guide, the official handbook of ILMC 30. The Globetrotters Guide lists all delegates contact information, the full ILMC schedule, industry associations, local information. and plenty more besides, and can be found inside the delegates’ bag that each delegate will receive upon their arrival at ILMC.

But...! While Friday is the deadline to be listed, please note that just a few passes remainfor ILMC. So if you don't want to left alien-ated outside the hotel, register here while you still can.

What on Earth's happening at ILMC 30?

With the launch of ILMC 30 imminent, here is a quick reminder of the various events that await those descending from other galaxies in a few short weeks. After each day of panels, meetings and business, what spaces are there for the intrepid galactic explorer to invade? Read on…
Tuesday night sees the conference commence proper with ILMC's First Contact 30th Birthday Blast-off from 18:00. With all ILMC delegates on the list, and hundreds more having now RSVP'd, it's going to be one mega-galactic birthday do. 
Wednesday evening begins with UTA's Cocktails & Canapés, which takes place from 17:30 to 18:30 in The Mess Area. Around that time, the doors also open for The Dutch 'Brace for' Impact Party featuring showcases from three of the Netherlands’ hottest current touring acts, plus finger food, and complimentary drinks (click here to be added to the guest-list).
For those who like a wager, the Texas Probe 'em Poker Tourney takes place from 21:00 with an array of bar tab prizes up for grabs. It all raises money for our charity this year, Music Support, so put your name down This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or take a risk and turn up on the night. And for night owls, join IQ Magazine’s very own Terry ‘The Martian’ McNally, at midnight in The SMG Space Bar, as he referees The Table Football Coupe de la Galaxie. Be in the bar at 22:00 with a supple-wristed colleague to sign-up.

On Thursday, the second of our agency-hosted events, the WME Happy Hour will take place from 17:30, and with hundreds of delegates typically showing up, early arrival is recommended. Afterwards, there are two choices: either the Match of the Light Year Football annual showdown – for which boys and girls are both welcome to sign-up This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or, for those who favour champers over championships, The Gala-ctic Dinner & Arthur Awards will combine all the pomp of a luxurious awards ceremony with all the expected silliness of ILMC. A few tickets are still available but as it always sells out, sign up here, or the event will lift off without you, and you’ll be left sitting on your ass-teroid.
Last but not least, no ILMC would be complete without an opportunity for the tone deaf to get their own back on industry colleagues at the The ‘Drunk Side of the Moon’ Live Karaoke. This year’s event features a real live backing band. It’s an event not to be missed. Unless you’re sober.
Friday’s event line-up starts off with the Nikos Fund Prize Draw, which takes place at 15:30 in The SMG Space Bar, and is followed by the Closing Encounters of the Thirst Kind Drinks. And for the ultimate ILMC 30 happening, from 18:00, we welcome you to join us for The Final Countdown Dinner at Dirty Bones in Kensington. With chat, food and drink – it’s the very last opportunity you’ll have to invade space and befriend aliens. Tickets are £60 and available here.

Arthurs voting deadline

If you still haven’t voted in the Arthur Awards 2018 and wish to influence who will be taking home an unidentified f***ing object in the shape of an Arthur during The Gala-ctic Dinner & Arthur Awards, then voting closes Friday 16 February at 18:00GMT. Click below to vote whilst you still can…


To attend the The ILMC Gala-tic Dinner & Arthur Awards in person, either tick the relevant box when registering for ILMC, click here, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..