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New ILMC Sessions Announced

New ILMC Sessions Announced

'Wand'ering 'witch' compelling topics are slated for discussion at the live industry's most extraordinary of gatherings? The full ILMC schedule will be announced later this month, but in the mean time, here's six new sessions...

In The Manager’s Office: Conjuring careers MMF’s Fiona McGuganinvites a line up of leading artist managers to consider how they view the changing nature of talent development, and live music's place within it.

Country Music: Walking the line sees Live Nation’s Anna-Sophie Mertensexamine how Nashville’s sound and ethos are influencing all genres in the business, while Semmel's Christoph Scholz previews stereoscopes, holograms, sideshows and the latest in non-music shows in Touring Entertainment: New illusions.

In Diversity: Breaking the spell, PRS Foundation CEO Vanessa Reed leads a discussion about how the live business can attract and benefit from a more diverse workforce.

The ever–popular New Technology: It’s a kind of magic sees host Steve Machin introduce the latest technology and innovation from across the business, whilst Attitude is Everything CEO Suzanne Bull chairs Accessibility: Unlocking the purple pound and asks how the industry is accommodating the growing numbers of deaf and disabled fans at live shows.

To view the full schedule so far, click here.