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First ILMC 30 session topics revealed

First ILMC 30 session topics revealed

ILMC 30's first confimed sessions are as follows... 

BREXIT 2025: Looking back

Chair: Michael Dugher, UK Music (UK)
Once the details of BREXIT are finally determined, what affect will it have on the live music industry? Making full use of this year’s ILMC theme, UK Music boss Michael Dugher chairs a panel of touring, tax and visas experts who will travel back in time from Earth year 2025 to tell us what happened. Find out the answers to these questions and more as our expert time travellers reveal all…


Gender: Calm down, what’s all the fuss?
Chair: Natasha Bent, Coda Agency (UK)
When it comes to discussing gender and equality in the live music industry, there are a vocal few while the majority fall silent. Meanwhile, as accusations abound in a post-Weinstein world, the culture of film and music are both falling under the spotlight. Natasha Bent invites senior industry figures, alongside Dame Helena Morrissey, renowned investment banking head and mother of nine, to discuss whether live music has a gender and inclusivity problem.

The Venue’s Venue: Spaces for stars 
Chair: Peter van der Veer, Ahoy Arena (NL)
The Venue’s Venue kicks off the Venues Summit 2018 with a first look at exclusive analysis of 2017 arena data from the EAA, NAA and IQ’sEuropean Arena Yearbook. Beyond the numbers, topics include maintaining standards in the face of falling revenues, and the change in the concertgoer experience from ‘being there’ to ‘being more.’ The impending European-wide GDPR legislation is also discussed and the new landscape for digital fan engagement that it brings.

Venue’s Summit: Corridors of power 
Chair: Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)
For all the talk about artists and managers holding the reigns, who really calls the shots in the live music business? It’s often a one-horse race in each town for somewhere to play, but with ticket inventory – and the customer relationship – retained by the same buildings that are dictating show times, merch rates, and other charges, is the relationship between venues and the rest of the business shifting? From exclusivity deals to marketing and fees, a cross-industry panel considers who’s really in charge.

Precise session timings and speaker biogs will be listed on 30.ilmc.com shortly. The full ILMC agenda will be published online and in IQ Magazine in late January.