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ILMC 30 registration open!

ILMC 30 registration open!

Somewhat amazingly, the live music industry’s favourite gathering will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2018 – which is not bad for something that was originally intended to be a one-off meeting.

However, celebrations at ILMC HQ have been muted by the fact that the approaching anniversary has unexpectedly triggered an automatic government declassification, revealing the shocking truth about the conference. After three decades of disinformation and misleading guises, the ILMC has been unmasked as the Interplanetary Life-forms Moderation Corps – a top-secret agency established to monitor the various weird and wonderful otherworldly inhabitants of the live music universe.

We can now reveal that during Earth dates 6-9 March 2018, over 1,000 interplanetary travellers will invade our top-secret underground base - a location cunningly disguised as one of London’s best five-star hotels, The Royal Garden, but so hush hush that it makes Area 51 look about as covert as Disneyland.
All the highly classified data you need to land at ILMC can be found on this highly confidential website, and we’ll also be dispatching regular updates in our for-your-eyes-only e.News service, as well as in that covert organ of cover-ups and disinformation, IQ Magazine
One piece of not-so-secret information is that the Royal Garden Hotel HQ can only squeeze in a finite number of foreign bodies and Earth-bound visitors. ILMC typically sells out in advance so it’s advisable to register before we run outta space.

Though, if you’re faster than light you might even scoop the much-coveted ILMC Mug Award (for being the first mug to register) in the process.