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Panel 4: Advancing & Sharing: Oops, They Did It Again

Panel 4: Advancing & Sharing: Oops, They Did It Again

Location: Room 1

Chaired by: Tony Hayes, Arena Birmingham (UK)

IPM’s final panel of the day will look at improving information sharing in the form of advancing across the entire industry. It was ten years ago at IPM that we discussed a particular tour that had created serious problems for venues, yet still in late-2018, every other date of a back-to-back arena tour had to be cancelled as the build/break timings had not been accurately factored in.

Rider requests and production information are arriving later and later, giving the venue less time to react and invariably creating issues for them. Promoter reps are either too busy or not always qualified to deal with advancing shows properly. Often venues receive “production” riders from the USA and are expected to translate them into their market.

Furthermore, safety information received by the venue can still be hit and miss. How does this work with younger bands stepping up from small-to-medium venues into the larger venue market – sometimes with crew and production management that are learning fast too. If safety comes first, who then should cover the costs?  Safety needs to be discussed and budgeted for before tickets go on sale. With added security challenges, information sharing is more crucial now than ever.

Expect a constructive hour or so as a panel of experts look for ways that we in production can improve by collaborating more closely with agents and promoters.

Panellists include:
Allen Cook, TOURtech (US)
Andrew Craig, Live Nation (UK)
Octavia Harwood, The O2 (UK)
Sophie Ridley, Safents Consulting Ltd (IE)
Kevin Walker, National Events Intelligence Unit (UK)