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Panel 2: Wurt the Furk?! Challenges in International Touring

Panel 2: Wurt the Furk?! Challenges in International Touring

Location: Room 1

Chaired by: Martina Pogacic, Show Production Ltd (HR)

“What do you expect... this is [insert country name here]!” is a response often heard by an incoming tour crew when confronted by a reality that is somewhat different to the rider.

With new shows and new developments in production versus different markets, and local habits and customs – touring will always be a challenge. Calls for more regulation and standardisation do not always receive the warmest welcomes, nor do they realistically make much of a difference. It is not uncommon for a tour to be sold to a local promoter along with certain expectations. Local production crews are expected to meet the needs of an incoming tour production, but they are not always willing to meet those needs, and are, sometimes, unable to do so. Is a lack of knowledge (and experience) the problem? How can we encourage local teams to get involved?

In this panel, we will discuss the challenges faced by international touring crew. We will look at language barriers, cultural differences, market development, costs, and perhaps the most important requirements of all: experience and common sense. We will examine innovations and solutions related to information sharing; and we’ll be asking: what is the future of the production industry?

Later in the session, we’ll take a look at mega-suppliers, and discuss whether there’s an interest in these all-inclusive services in other markets.

Panellists include:
Alberto Artese, Assomusica Associazione (IT)
Paddy Hocken, Paddy Hocken Productions (UK)
Tibor Horváth, Budapest Park (HU)
Renatas Nacajus, Falcon Club (LT)