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Panel 1: The Show Must Go On, But At What Cost?

Panel 1: The Show Must Go On, But At What Cost?

Location: Room 1 

Chaired by:  Chris Vaughan, Production Manager (UK)

In previous years, IPM has identified a range of problems related to the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals working in the international event and music production industry. From the shocking effects that fatigue can have on a person and the risks it poses to both the individual and those around them, to mental health challenges and the lack of welfare provision on festival sites. So in this panel, we will take an in-depth look at how we can better look after ourselves, and also look out for our colleagues and temporary crew. We will take a look at practical and realistic measures that can be applied both on an individual and company-wide basis, in order to protect ourselves and each other.

Panellists include:
John ‘Deptford' Armitage, Guitar Hospital (UK)
Dr Kate Bunyan, MB Medical Solutions UK
Chula Goonewardene, CM Therapy & Steps2Recovery (UK)
Joanna Hartle, Hartle O’Hare (UK)