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Industry Investment: The power brokers

Room 2 | 14:00 – 15:00 | Thursday

Chair: Jessie Merwood, Simkins LLP (UK)

As the live music business continues to experience unprecedented growth, it is increasingly attractive to external investors. From VC-backed firms snapping up festivals, to foreign investors buying into major agencies, and multinational media brands with interests in broader tie-ups, the last few years have witnessed a global land grab. But how is this flood of new money reshaping the industry it’s flowing into? What additional pressures and expectations do these deals bring, and could the price paid eventually become too high for all?
Simkins’ Jessie Merwood invites some of the leading investors in the industry to discuss strategy, why live is a fit, and how they see the game changing as a result.
Guest speakers include:
Jarred Arfa, Artist Group International (US)
Nick Beveridge, The Ingenious Group (UK)
Eamonn Carey, Techstars (UK)
Zack Sabban, Festicket (UK)