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Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

Max WiFi / Drone Seeker (UK)

Richard is CEO of Max WiFi (UK) Ltd and is responsible for the strategic path that Max WiFi follows. This also encompasses new solutions such as Drone Seeker to meet the evolving requirements of Max WiFi’s clients.

Richard started Max WiFi in 2006 and the company has grown into UK’s leading event communications company in the UK.

Max WiFi now successfully provides WiFi, Internet, Fibre, Satellite and VoIP, and most recently Drone Seeker services to temporary events across the UK.

Max WiFi has worked across the globe in locations as diverse as Canada, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Australia, Europe & The USA. 

The company’s expertise and intimate knowledge of the event industry have brought a unique element to hundreds of events around the world ensuring that even if the coffee is cold and the microphones don’t work, you will still be able to send your email.

Richard’s BT career saw him involved in developing BT’s first commercial Internet solutions and ensuring that the BT sales force understood the importance of the Internet not only as a new technology but in terms of the massive disruptive influence it would have in years to come.