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Stephan Thanscheidt

Stephan Thanscheidt

FKP Scorpio

Stephan Thanscheidt, born in 1977, is the CEO of FKP Scorpio and head of festival booking responsible for the programming of over 20 major open air-festivals across Europe. He is based at the company's headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

FKP Scorpio has been in the event business since 1990 and has organised a remarkable number of concerts, festivals and show productions with millions of visitors. The company is one of the leading concert promoters in Germany with an annually revenue of almost 200 million Euros and growing, and with more than 250 employees across Europe.

FKP Scorpio also operates offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands and Austria.

The main business sections are festivals, tours in Germany and Europe, (e.g. Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons), events in Hamburg (e.g. Take That, Rammstein) and shows (e.g. BBC Planet Earth).

Some of the most popular open-air festivals in Germany (Hurricane, Southside, Highfield, Deichbrand and M’era Luna), A Summer’s Tale, the indoor festivals Metal Hammer Paradise and Rolling Stone Weekender, and many festivals in Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and Austria, which annually attract hundreds of thousands of music fans, are organised by FKP Scorpio.