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Delegates List

A full listing of those delegates that have registered for ILMC 31 will be published here in late January 2019, and will be updated each Friday until the conference has taken place.


Networking Scheme

The Networking Scheme allows delegates to communicate with each other without the need for a crystal ball, so that meetings can be planned in advance of the conference.

Members of the scheme are issued a password to access a protected section of this website where they can find each other's contact details. To take part, please tick the relevant box when registering or contact registration@ilmc.com.

The contact details for all delegates are listed in the Globetrotters Guide (which you will receive upon your arrival at ILMC) but the Networking Scheme is the only way to access each other's details in advance.

The adult-in-charge of the Networking Scheme is Tom Hopewell, who will be able to advise you on getting the most out of your weekend, and will be on hand to make the odd introduction, if necessary.

A full listing of those delegates particpating in the Networking Scheme will be published here in late January 2019, and will be updated each Friday until the conference has taken place.


Meeting Space

The mezzanine level of the hotel is configured for private meetings each day at ILMC.

Additional seating will be placed in Eyellusion's Abracada-bar; the Voodoo Lounge offers more relaxed seating along with a tea & coffee service; and the York Suite will be open non-stop throughout.

(Lancaster Suite)
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 09:00 - 12:00
The York Suite
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 09:00 - 12:00
The Eyellusion Abracada-bar
(Bertie's bar)
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - Close
  • Thursday: 09:00 - Close
  • Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
The Goat Tavern
(opposite the Royal Garden Hotel)
The Goat Tavern is exclusive for ILMC delegates during key times. The wonderfully traditional British boozer serves drinks and a full menu that is available all day should you wish to combine a meeting with a quick bite to eat.
  • Wednesday & Thursday 
    11:00 - 18:00
  • (Outside of these times, The Goat is also open to the general public)

Outside of these times, The Goat is also open to the general public. 


Outside the main ILMC networking spaces, there is a wealth of cafes, juice bars and pubs moments from the hotel, perfect for meeting away from the main bustle of the conference. 

Mobile App

ILMC 31's mobile app allows incoming sorcerers to plan their schedule, get conference updates, and network, without needing to consult a crystal ball.

As your handy digital guide to all things ILMC 31, the mobile app allows you to build a personalised conference schedule; browse comprehensive speaker biogs and photos, and get an up-to-the-minute schedule of all sessions, events and paranormal activities. And all in a tiny digital format, that won't add much weight to your broomstick.

It will be available for download here in February 2019.


Getting to the ILMC


The nearest tube station to the Royal Garden Hotel is Kensington High Street.

Click here to plan your route.


Useful buses that stop directly in front of the hotel are:

Click here to plan your route.



Also, if you are that way inclined, just a short walk from the Royal Garden Hotel, next to the Broadwalk entrance to Hyde Park, you will find Santander Cycles (Boris Bikes) for hire.


UK delegates who drive to the venue will be subject to a Congestion Charge (between 07:00-18.00 on weekdays) unless their vehicles use alternative fuels. As the current daily charge is an astronomical £11.50, it might be wise to come by broomstick.

For more information and to pay, refer to www.cclondon.com.

From London Airports 

Heathrow (21.5km)
  • 55 minutes by Uber (approx. £50) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
  • 15 minutes by rail on the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station (from £21 one way / £41 return or £36 if 
    booked in advance)
  • 55 minutes by Airportstransfer 
    (approx. £50) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
  • Taxi from Paddington Station to Royal Garden Hotel:
    £10 via Uber / £20 via Airportstransfer 
Gatwick (48km)
  • 90 minutes by Uber (approx. £50) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
  • 90 minutes by Airportstransfer  
    (approx. £66) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
  • 30 minutes by rail on Gatwick Express to Victoria Station (from £19.90 one way / £34.90 return or £17.80 one way / £31.10 return if booked in advance)
  • Taxi from Victoria Station to Royal Garden Hotel:
    £12 via Uber / £25 via Airportstransfer 
St Pancras International Eurostar Terminal (8.5km)

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Access All Areas

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Access All Areas

ILMC's Access All Areas programme allows delegates to catch some of London's hottest shows using just their ILMC pass. And with the whole of London right on the doorstep, it might prove difficult to decide 'witch' gig to choose.

To help you decide, a full gig listing will appear here in February 2019 and can also be found in the Globetrotters Guide that will be issued on arrival at the Royal Garden Hogwart-el.

If you have a show or artist performing during ILMC and would like it included in the listings for delegates, please click here.

Bursary Scheme

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The Alia Dann Swift Bursary Scheme

ILMC's bursary scheme is available for a small number of young professionals and start-up companies and is intended to provide a route for those who would otherwise not be able to attend, to participate in ILMC for the first time. 

The scheme is named after Alia Dann Swift, ILMC’s longstanding producer who passed away in 2017 after a short illness. Alia was instrumental in both bringing talent into the industry, and supporting and encouraging new ILMC members.

The closing date to apply is 25 January 2019, with successful applicants being notified in the first week of February. A Bursary Scheme place is a full ILMC delegate pass. Details of all successful applicants will remain strictly confidential.

To apply for a bursary place, you must:

  1. Be employed by, or own, a company that has not previously been represented at ILMC
  2. Have not previously attended an ILMC
  3. Have gone through the ILMC nomination process (more details on this here)

Once you have met the above requirements, download the application form here.


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magic buses

Complimentary transport will whisk wizards and witches between the Royal Garden Hogwart-el and various off-site events throughout the ILMC.

Timetables will be posted on the Delegates' Noticeboard next to the Help Desk.

forbidden terrace

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The Forbidden Terrace restaurant on the ground floor of the Royal Garden Hogwart-el serves an exclusive range of fine wines and a delicious five-star international menu.

It is open on Tuesday 6 March for dining reservations, and will be home to Wednesday and Thursday's lunches.

The Environment

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The Environment

ILMC is implementing a staged three-year plan to become more environmentally aware, including:

  • Voluntary contribution from each delegate towards a carbon offset scheme
  • Reviewing all print and manufacturing around the event
  • Recycling bins placed throughout the hotel
  • Paper waste reduction
  • Suppliers issued with our environmental policy and asked to consider their own
  • Working closely with the Royal Garden Hotel to reduce all waste

Download a copy of the environmental policy here. Or for more info, email lou@ilmc.com.

ILMC Exclusivity

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The fabulous award-winning event security specialists Showsec International will take their traditional place as guardians of the Royal Garden Hogwart-el throughout ILMC 31, keeping authorised sorcerers safe from any dark forces summoned in error.

Maintaining the exclusivity of the Royal Garden Hogwart-el, Showsec are a longstanding ILMC partner, and members of their team are always happy to help with queries.

Read more about Showsec International's excellent reputation for crowd management here.

Leaflet Table

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Leaflet Table

The leaflet table provides a cost-effective way to market your company to other mystics. Situated in a prime location, its placement makes sure you catch the passing crowd both coming and going. The cost of promoting your services or product (either a leaflet or other marketing materials) on the leaflet table is £400 with all proceeds going to The Nikos Fund.

Tick the Leaflet Table box on the online Registration Form or contact registration@ilmc.com.


If you have booked and payed for a place on the Leaflet Table, please send your marketing materials to the ILMC Production Office, Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT to arrive no earlier than Monday 25 February 2019. Alternatively, bring your materials directly to the conference and deliver them to the Help Desk. Please do NOT send marketing materials directly to the ILMC office.

Places must be pre-booked no later than 6PM GMT on Friday 22 February 2019. No materials will be accepted unless a place has been pre-booked and paid for. 

As part of our environmental policy working towards a more sustainable conference, we encourage you to use 100% recycled materials in the manufacturing of your promotional literature where possible. We would also like to remind you to collect any materials left at the end of the conference and either reuse it or dispose of it correctly to avoid unnecessary waste. 

Any materials left at the Royal Garden Hotel will be subject to a £100 recycling fee.

The Nikos Fund

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The Nikos Fund

Each year, The Nikos Fund raises money for a chosen registered charity to commemorate the life and contribution to the ILMC of one of our founding members, the late Nikos Sachpasidis.

Every delegate automatically makes a donation to The Nikos Fund just by registering for the conference but there will be additional opportunities to further swell the coffers by giving generously via the Nikos Fund collection tins, strategically placed around the Royal Garden Hogwart-el and occasionally shaken loudly in your face during the conference.

ILMC 31's charities of choice are:

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

Our dedicated local staff are ending violence against women and girls and helping change lives, for good. We won’t stop until women and girls are out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.

We work across Africa, Asia and Latin America, every day, all year round. We listen to, learn from and work in partnership with 15 million of the world’s poorest and excluded people.


Music Venue Trust is a UK registered charity which acts to protect, secure and improve Grassroots Music Venues.

Created in January 2014, we aim to secure the long-term future of iconic Grassroots Music Venues such as Hull Adelphi, Exeter Cavern, Southampton Joiners, The 100 Club, Band on the Wall, Tunbridge Wells Forum etc.

These venues have played a crucial role in the development of British music over the last 40 years, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills.

We work to gain recognition of the essential role these venues fulfil, not only for artist development but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy and local communities. We aim to preserve and improve venues, making them more efficient and improving the experience for performers and audiences. Long-term we plan to acquire the freeholds of as many of these vital venues as possible.

the voodoo Lounge

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the voodoo Lounge

The Voodoo Lounge is located in the Lancaster Suite on the mezzanine floor of the hotel and is one of the primary daytime networking areas. With comfy seating, plenty of space for private meetings, and table services for hot drinks, it’s a popular ILMC hangout. 

The room also contains computers and mobile-charging stations, allowing delegates to keep their crystal balls online and powered up.

Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - late
Friday 10:00 – 15:30

the Travel Desk

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the Travel Desk

Got an accommodation problem? Broomstick trouble? ILMC's official magical mystery tour company and travel agent will be on hand to answer all your travel-related questions. 

Opening Times:
Tuesday 13:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 16:00

Babysitting SERVICE

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The aptly titled Rockabye Babysitters is a registered babysitting company that supplies many London hotels. A registered babysitter will come to your hotel room and look after your baby witch or wizard whilst you are ILMCing.

+44 (0) 20 7624 0060 
(Monday to Friday, 9.30–13:00 & 14:00–17:00)

+44 (0) 7918 055099
(Saturday & Sunday)